August 10, 2016




Day 8, August 10

High Score!! - Part 1

Again, we slept in a little and got up around 8am.
We were able to fix breakfast with the groceries we had bought the day before. Tom made some coffee and we had sandwiches with it. There were quite a few animals roaming the savannah already, 



so we sat on the balcony for a while before we decided to head out. Around 10.30 we started the long trek along the hallway







and then down to the car and off we went to drive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. On the way there we joked about the fact that we had always had been “lucky” to start a new row at the Studios and guess what, today was no exception. When we headed towards the line of already parked cars we could see that there were only a few spots close to the tram stop left and again, we were the lucky ones to start a new row at the very end of the parking lot. Going around and trying again crossed our mind, but then we just gave in and parked in the very last spot of that long row.


We got our things out and started to hike down to the tram, which pulled away just as we got close to it, but another one was coming in within a minute or two and we quickly found a seat and waited for the tram to take us to the entrance. We sat there for a few minutes, but then we were off and since we had a really fun cast member standing in the back of the tram we all laughed a lot on our way to the park. When we arrived we could see that buses had just arrived and people were streaming to bag check which already had quite the line and a boat had arrived as well. What to do? Well, we turned around, walked back towards the parking area, crossed the tram line and walked back to the park on the other side, where we went right through the security check point with no one in front of us, then made a restroom stop and headed for the entrance. We might have gotten through bag check in the time it had taken us to do all this, but at least we were not stuck in the crowd. By the time we walked towards the Chinese Theatre 


we were way inside our first FastPass window, but we were in no particular hurry. We strolled through the stores and found some fun merchandise and then we headed towards Toy Story Mania.



When we got there it was just opening up after being down and people were streaming to the stand by entrance and there was even a line at the FastPass entrance. Once we got inside we could see that the standby area was partly empty but if started filling up again.



Soon we were on the stairs up to the ride and it did not take long and we got into our ride vehicle.


We both really like the ride and as always Tom beat me and his score was way better than mine, but we both got the same animal at the end. Not that bad after all. When we got off we had close to two hours to kill until our next FastPass and we were still thinking of what to do when we came by the Hollywood Brown Derby. I had wanted to try out the Lounge, but it was still closed.