August 10, 2016




Day 8, August 10

High Score!! - Part 2

We looked at the sign and found out it would open in just 5 minutes, so we hung around and when they finally let people in we were within the first ones to enter.
It was now noon and the sun was hot, so we needed a seat under an umbrella. They have a few regular tables, but they were in the sun, so we had to climb onto those bar stools at the side of the lounge. Once we were comfortably seated, we had a look at the menu and a server was right at hand with some ice water and giving suggestions of what they had on offer. It took us a few more minutes to make our mind up, but when the server returned we were able to place our order and soon she returned with our drinks. Tom had ordered the


Bloody Mary, Absolut peppar vodka and bloody Mary mix garnished with house-made pickles, pickled green beans, celery and olives, while I had my heart set on the




Grapefruit Cake Martini, Deep Eddy's ruby red grapefruit vodka, Stoli vanilla vodka and a splash of cream with a vanilla wafer rim. And they both did not disappoint. I loved my drink, it was soooo good and Tom raved about his Bloody Mary as well. So we sat there, posted photos of our yummy drinks on social media and waited for the food we had ordered. It took a little time until it was served, but it was more than worth the wait.
We had ordered two dishes and were now going to share them. We had ordered the 



Andouille-crusted Shrimp served on Cotswold Cheddar Grits, Micro Salad with Lime, and Piment d'Espelette Oil and the


Derby Sliders,


Wagyu beef with cognac-mustard aioli, smoked gouda cheese, bacon and avocado, and


duck confit, Taleggio cheese, chipotle vegetable slaw, sweet onion and orange conserve, and crispy leeks and both were as delicious as the description had sounded. There was no doubt we were going to finish both. It was so nice sitting there, nibbing on the yummy food and sipping our drinks, but after about an hour we were ready to head out into the park again.
We still had some time until our next FastPass and The Great Movie Ride was just nearby, so we walked over there. There was quite a long line, which actually started way outside the theatre,




but it had said that there was just a 20 minute wait, so we decided to just give it a try. Waiting in the hot sun outside was quite something, but after about 10 minutes we had made it into the air conditioned building and slowly but surely we moved forward.




It took a bit over those 20 minutes until we sat down in the ride vehicle and off we went into the movies.




Somehow, no matter how often we have been on that ride, it is always a fun ride.
Once the ride was over we again were way into our next FastPass window, so we headed over to the Tower of Terror. Scanned our bands and jumped right in line, passing quite a few people in the stand by line. It did not take long and we found ourselves in the library, watching the movie and then on to the boiler room. The boiler room was packed, but they were using all elevators and soon we were told where to go and sit and off we went into the Twilight Zone. There were a few first timers on our ride and we had a lot of fun watching them react to the ride. Once we got off, we scanned our magicbands for the photo and off we went. There was one more thing we wanted to do, check out some facts about RockíníRollercoaster for one of Tomís geocaches and after doing so, we slowly strolled through the shops towards the exit. And while doing so, we found ourselves inside Starbucks. Why not get another beverage there? So I got my trusted favourite, the 


Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade and Tom tried something new, the Cool Lime  Starbucks Refresher. It took a while for the drinks to come out and we enjoyed the airconditioning in there. Drinks in hand we slowly walked down to the exit and over to the tram stop. Again, one had just pulled out, so we waited and got on the next one, where we sat and roasted in the sun until we finally got moving. Once we got off we started the long hike back to the car. Once there we drove back to Kidani and while doing so, the skies got darker and darker. We arrived at Kidani and went to our room, relaxed for a bit and while doing so we heard that the rain had started. Even more reason to take a little break. We started to pack up things we had purchased and downloaded the photos we had taken and just watched a little TV. Time went by fast and soon it was time to get ready to head out again.