August 10, 2016




Day 8, August 10

High Score!! - Part 3

We had booked dinner at The Wave and after we had ridden Tower of Terror I had booked one more FastPass for Peter Pan for that night, so around 6pm we headed down to our car and off we went over to the Magic Kingdom. It is quite the drive from Kidani and we arrived at the restaurant shortly before our 6.45 reservation. We signed in and were told to take a seat, but within 5 minutes we were called and a host took us to our table. The server was quick to come by and make recommendations before leaving us to get our drinks. When she returned with our Diet Cokes we had made our minds up and were able to place our order. Very soon after doing so we were served a tray with three slices of 


multi grain bread and some


butter with Hawaiian sea salt. We both took a piece each, broke off a piece and spread it with butter and it was really nice. Being occupied with nibbling on the bread, time just went by quickly and our main courses were brought out. Tom had decided to try the


Grilled Pork Chop, served with bacon-braised rainbow chard, seasonal fruit compote, and herb spaetzle, while I was craving something I had had before, the


Seared Potato Gnocchi, with Porcini mushrooms, peas, blistered tomato, chardonnay-herb butter, and pecorino romano. They were just as delicious as I had remembered them and Tom really enjoyed his pork chop as well. We were far too full for dessert, so after finishing our main courses, we asked for the bill, handed the server our gift card, signed the bill and off we went. Didnít take long and we had made it to the security check and soon we found ourselves scanning our magicbands and heading into the Magic Kingdom.


When we walked under the train station we could hear the train coming in and decided to hurry and try to get on it to ride it to Toontown. We were so happy to see that the train was still sitting there once we had made it up the stairs and inside and we were happily invited to get on board. Once we were sitting in our row and waiting for the train to leave we heard the announcement that the train was supposed to sit there until the Electrical Parade floats had crossed the tracks. Okay, why not.




We sat there for some time watching the Monorail glide in and out of the station,watching people streaming into the park and finally the tracks were clear and we were allowed to move. It was fun to ride the train at night and we got off at Fantasyland, strolled through the Judgeís tent, then walked past Arielís ride and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and made it to Peter Pan right in time for our FastPass to start. While we were in line I tried to make a new one and low and behold there was one that started in just 45 minutes. We soon were seated in our little ships and off we went to fly over London and on to Neverland.


When we got off we went straight across to Itís a Small World, which had very little wait



and soon we were on another type of boat and sailed on the Happiest Cruise on Earth.





This time we caught the goodbye greetings at the end



and with that off we went to the exit. By then it had begun to pour down again and everyone was stopping inside Itís a Small World to wait it out.


Once it had left off a bit we headed over to the Jungle Cruise



which we would not have needed a FastPass for, as both the FastPass and stand-by lines were pretty short. And another boat we boarded and off we went to cruise through the jungle and explore the back-side of water. While we were on the Jungle Cruise the fireworks had gone off and once we exited I tried if it was possible to find another FastPass for a ride that we would like to go on. I opened the app and there were several FastPasses to be grabbed and the one that fitted us best, was one for Buzz Lightyearís Spaceranger Spin.
We still had a bit of time to kill until that FastPass was to open up, so we went over to Tomorrowland and got on our favourite ride, the PeopleMover. And while on that ride we decided that we were far too tired to stay for Extra Magic Hours which would start an hour later, but instead we would just go back to Kidani. Once we got off the PeopleMover we made a restroom stop, strolled through Mickeyís Startraders and then headed over to Buzz Lightyear. The stand-by line was still pretty long, but with FastPass we went through it quickly



and soon found ourselves in one of the little ride vehicles. Now, when we had been on the ride last with Michelle, she had given us pointers on where to aim to get more points and this time we really wanted to better our scores. Tom started out pretty well, but my aim with those guns is close to non-existent and I was quickly loosing hope that I would get a better score and then it happened. We got to the scene that Michelle had told us to aim at a special point and we both started shooting. And then the ride stopped. Tom already had hit his target and his number showed 999999. And with the ride being stopped I was able to focus as well and within seconds my score had gotten to 999999 as well. 



I am pretty sure this will be the only time I will be able to hit that number, but it for sure felt mighty good to do so. We got off the ride with big grins on our faces and even though we were on a high we stuck with our decision to head out of the park. It was a leisurely stroll to the exit and then we were on the way to our car. Once we had made it there we got on our way and about half an hour later we arrived at Kidani. It was already 1am when we made it to our room and we were happy to be home by then and fell into bed.