August 11, 2016




Day 9, August 11

An A for effort - Part 1

We had decided on sleeping in today. And today we really wanted to. But by 8am we could not sleep any longer, as there was quite the noise outside. And once we got out of bed and into some clothes to go outside we discovered that there were several cast members outside mowing the grass on huge mowers.






We watched for a while, then went back inside, took showers and prepared a nice big breakfast with groceries out of the fridge, which we really enjoyed. By 10.15 we got ready to check out the pool at Kidani.
It was not very far to walk and we were still early, so after checking out the area a bit


we found some loungers, applied some more sunscreen and then lay on our loungers for a while


until we finally headed into the pool. It is a great pool and very nicely themed.





People were coming down the slide


and we swam a bit, then just drifted around and just enjoyed it. After about half an hour of fun in the water we got out and baked in the sun for a while, before going to check out the rest of the area. We first went over to the children’s splash area,






which is so nicely done and makes you wish you were a child again to be able to play in there. We then headed up a path and finally made it to the Hot Tub. Since it was empty we went in.





We spent quite some time in it, discussing how our vacation was going on and what we wanted to do with the remaining time we had at Walt Disney World. After some time a couple came by and got into the Hot Tub as well and we started talking. They were pretty impressed with the length of our trip and we were pretty impressed they had been in Austria on one of their travels.