August 12, 2016




Day 10, August 12

Home away from home - Part 1

Today was moving day again.
We got up around 8am, Tom took a shower while I put the last few things into the suitcases and got them ready to change resort again. Once I had had my shower as well, we sat down and had breakfast with leftovers out of the fridge and then we sat out on the balcony enjoying the view for a little while again. Then we called bell services to pick up our luggage and transfer it to Old Key West where we would move to lateron that day.
We had some stuff that we wanted to take with us, so Tom went to the garage to put it in the car.
It didn’t take long and someone from bell services came along to pick up the rest of our stuff. Then we went through the room one more time, checking for forgotten items before we walked down to the car and went over to Old Key West to check in.


We parked in one of the check in spots and headed over to the front desk, where we were greeted outside by a cast member with a tablet, who then sent us inside as he was not able to check us in. A friendly young cast member then checked us in, let us know that we would stay in the Turtle Pond area and that we would be on a higher floor, but our one bedroom villa was not ready yet. They handed us our new magicbands, tried them at their computer and promised to send an email once it was ready. We had kind of hoped that the villa would be ready, but we had a backup plan. 
So we went back to the car and drove to the mall close to Little Lake Bryant.


We arrived there and looked into several of the stores before hitting the Character Warehouse. Again, we found several things we really liked and picked up. Around 1pm we were done with shopping and since we did not have a room number yet we decided that we would just go and have some lunch. I had planned on getting something at Disney Springs, but we were not feeling it and since we were in the area we decided to drive over to Steak ‘n’ Shake.
It is something we only discovered a few years ago and we really love it there. Once we arrived there we were lucky to find parking right in front of the restaurant and headed inside. We were seated right away, our server was very sweet, but there definitely was a language barrier as we did not understand a word he said, but somehow we were able to communicate. We ordered Diet Cokes and Tom usually has a milkshake and this time it was no exception. Our server soon returned with the Diet Cokes and the



Oreo Milkshake for Tom. They have so many different burgers, so it was hard to decide, but finally I had decided on the



Guacamole burger, A Double Steakburger topped with delicious, fresh guacamole, served with lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, red onion, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle sauce and a side of fries. They were offering seasoned fries and I opted for the Parmesan Cheese 'n Herbs spiced ones. Tom had ordered the



Philly Cheese Steakburger, two patties with melted American and Swiss cheese, topped with plenty of grilled peppers ’n onions. All served on a savory toasted bun with garlic mayo and a side of fries for which he had chosen the Cajun seasoning. Food was really nice and our soft drinks were refilled in no time and it was an all around enjoyable meal. And while we were sitting there munching away, we got a text that our villa was ready and they “revealed” the room number.
So, once we had paid for our meal, we were on our way back to our home away from home for the next 5 nights. We made one more stop at the Boardwalk.



We needed to go to the Boardwalk Bakery as we wanted to order a cake for the day we had been invited to dinner at Michelle’s house. So we headed down to the Bakery, got in line and a cast member took our order, we paid for it right there and then and then we went back to the car. We walked along the side of the building, slipped in through an open door and walked up to the BelleVue Lounge which was still closed. We looked around the Boardwalk for a bit,








as it is one of the resorts we have not stayed at yet, but after a while we left and headed back to the car. A little while later we arrived at Old Key West,


stopped at bell services to let them know our room number and asked to have our luggage brought over.