August 12, 2016




Day 10, August 12

Home away from home - Part 2

They promised that it would be there in a few minutes and we went ahead.
We parked right in front of our building, walked up to the door and I scanned my magicband at the door and ….. nothing. Tom tried his magicband and the door would not open for him either. Some quick thinking was required and we decided to just get in the car, have an eye out if we could see someone with our luggage and head back to the front desk.
When we got to the front desk I spotted a bellman getting our stuff onto one of the carts and I let him know that our magicbands were not working and would he please wait until it was taken care of. I hotfooted back to the front desk and there was a line. It took a few minutes until it was my turn and the cast member tried our magicbands and they did not seem to work there either. She tried for about 5 minutes and then sent me over to the concierge desk to have them find out what was wrong.
So I joined the line at the concierge desk and finally a cast member started to look into it. After a while Tom came in as he thought he might have missed me coming out and we waited and waited some more. The cast member’s computer was super slow and she had to call IT and it took about 15 minutes to get my magicband done. They had no idea why Tom’s didn’t work and they just could not get it to cooperate. So in the end she asked if Tom would mind terribly if she gave him a grey magicband for now and he could pick up another one lateron. He did not mind and after about half an hour we walked back out. The bellman asked if things had been resolved and we told him that we hoped so.
He promised to leave right away with our luggage. So we got in the car, drove back and finally our magicbands did the trick. We had a lot of stuff in the boot of the car and while we were unpacking, the bellman stopped and helped carrying our stuff upstairs. Needless to say there was an extra big tip for him.
Once inside we walked around the villa to see if everything was in working order and we were pleased to see that we had one of the villas that had two entrances to the bathroom. I started taking photos of the villa











and Tom then stocked the fridge with the drinks we still had. And after freshening up and resting for a while we went back to the car to do some grocery shopping. 20 minutes later we turned into the Publix parking lot and headed inside. This time it took us quite a while, as we wanted to pick up a lot of things to take home. And while we were still looking for things we talked about what was planned for the evening and that we had FastPasses for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We both agreed on cancelling them and just have a leisurely night at home. So we picked up some more stuff for dinner as well, and when we tried to leave the store about an hour and a half after we had entered it, we found out that it was pouring down with rain. 


So we waited out the downpour like a lot of other people and about another 20 minutes later we were able to make it over to our car without getting really soaked. Since we were not going to the parks anyway, we decided to go and pick up another treat as well. Down the road we went and from afar we already saw that the “Hot Now” sign was on and we quickly parked the car and went into the shop. There was quite the line, but soon it was our turn and we picked up a dozen glazed doughnuts



and a bottle of water, sat down next to the baking conveyor and sampled some of the sugary goodness. Once we were done we hopped back into the car and drove back to Old Key West. And after carrying up our groceries and putting them away we sat down to enjoy the evening. Around 8pm we put a pizza in the oven, opened a bag of salad mix and got that ready, opened the potato salad and coleslaw we had purchased and set the table.





We had dinner in front of the telly, while watching an episode of “The Hunt”,


while the washer and dryer were on. And for once we really had an early night.