August 13, 2016




Day 11, August 13

Thatís what we call fireworks - Part 3

There was a long line, but finally it was my turn and I picked up


two drinks which were heavily spiked with alcohol and then Tom went to get his first plate of food. Once he returned, it was finally my turn. We both got a few of those little skewers, which are really yummy, some spreads and pita bread and we started munching away.


Plate cleared Tom went to get a second one, this time trying some of the salted biscuits and more of the yummy little skewers.



I wanted to try something I had missed the last time we had been to the party, the Galactic breadpudding. They had just brought out a new pan full and I got in line for some, topped it with fresh fruit and some vanilla ice-cream.


And while I was enjoying my breadpudding, Tom was getting into the ever growing line for some more drinks.


It took quite some time and when he returned we noticed some people without wristbands sneaking under the ropes, picking up some plates and filling them. It took a minute or two and some cast members jumped in and told them to leave the area since they were not actually party guests.
And they started arguing that they had been let in.
But the cast members did not budge.
They could keep their plates and what was on it so far, which was not very much, and then they were escorted to the exit and told to leave. And within a minute or two there were even more cast members walking along the ropes and turning people without wristbands away. In the meantime I had finished my breadpudding and Tom went to get some of the galactic ice-cream they make fresh.





It is a Nutella mousse which is frozen in liquid nitrogen. They put some raspberry coulis on top and it was delicious. Tom also got some desserts


which we shared and nibbled on while eating the ice-cream and sipping our drinks. The only thing we both did not like was the Swamp Milk, but there were still more treats to have. Tom went and got us some. Something hot for himself and something frozen for me. He got himself a cup of coffee


and a Mickey Bar for me.



We were both so full when we left, but so looking forward to the fireworks. People had started leaving a while ago, so we thought it might be a good idea to do the same. Last time we had been to the party it had rained and we were escorted over to the area, this time we had to fight through the crowds, especially since we did not quite know where the viewing area was. But finally we found it, showed our wristbands and were told where to go and handed a Chewbacca Stein each.


We both already had one from our last dessert party, but we knew right away who would like them. Steins safely stored in the backpack we looked for a space to view the fireworks where we could see well and would not be in other peopleís way. We moved a bit to the side and behind some adults and kids who were sitting on the ground. It was still a while until the fireworks were going off and the place filled up more and more. Then cast members came and opened up the disabled area in front of our area for the kids. Well, most of the parents followed and we soon found ourselves right at the ropes where the dessert party area began. We had a perfect view and then it did not take much longer and the music set in, the light was dimmed and the fireworks were going off. It was impressive.














The fire-cannons heated up the place and kind of blinded you for a second and all the while the fireworks were lighting up the sky. Tom took a lot of photos, even though even he took down the camera now and then to just watch the fireworks. Once the fireworks were over and we were able to move again we let ourselves be swept out of the park with the masses.
The park was open for a little longer, but we decided that since we would have to wait for a bus anyway we would just leave after the fireworks. It looked like everyone was walking over to the buses and we were still throwing the idea of getting a taxi around. There were really long lines, snaking back and forth several times for most of the resorts, but when we got to the Old Key West stop we were amazed to see that there were only three people ahead of us and a bus had just pulled in. We got on and thought we would be sitting there until the bus was full, but the driver closed the door and we were moving. There were only 4 families and 12 people on the bus. We could not believe our luck. There are several stops around the resort and ours was last but one and when we left there was only one more family on the bus. A few steps and we were in our villa, plopping down on the couch and resting for a while, while watching TV. 
About an hour after we had arrived back, we were in bed and fast asleep.