August 13, 2016




Day 11, August 13

That’s what we call fireworks - Part 2

We all walked over to the International Gateway where we said goodbye to Michelle, Vito and Angelina, who went to the entrance to get to their car and Tom and I went over to the Friendship boats to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


A Friendship had just left and another one was coming in and we were first in line, so we secured two seats at the very back of the ships.


It was a pretty enjoyable ride with a light breeze and going past all the hotels.








When we arrived at the Studios we were off the ship quickly


to beat the crowds at the security check and we were really lucky as when we got in line we could see a tram arrive and a lot more people streaming over to the security check. Soon we had scanned our magicbands and were walking up towards the Chinese Theatre.


We had a little time to kill, so we explored the shops a bit before we headed to our next FastPass. We had been lucky to grab one for Tower of Terror, earlier in the day and we were glad we did.



There were still a lot of people streaming into the regular line and we were happy to be able to just walk past them. We quickly made it to the library and into the boiler room. The wait to be assigned a row was not too bad and within a few minutes we headed into the Twilight Zone. When we got off we knew that we would be able to get into the dessert party in just 20 minutes, so we headed over to the Launch Bay to sign in for the party and get our wristbands. We were told that they would open the area shortly and we were welcome to stroll through the attraction in the meantime. 
We had just made it through a small part of it



when we saw that some of the tables were already occupied. So we looked around and yip, they were letting people into the area. We walked right over, showed our wristbands and were told to help ourselves and enjoy. And this was just what we had intended to do. Tom guarded the table we had found while I went and took photos of the buffet,










then I dropped off the camera at the table and I went to get some drinks.