August 23, 2017




Happily ever after at a new resort - part 3

When we got to the area, a line had already formed and they were letting people in.
Needless to say that even if it was 90 minutes before the actual fireworks we got in line as well and soon were welcomed in


and taken to the middle area where you have a straight view of the castle and told us to pick a table. Needless to say that we picked one in the front and the cast member explained how everything worked and then left us to get our food. Upon entering the area they had offered us some sparkling cider and we had both taken a glass and were now toasting our first full day at Walt Disney World, but only a little sip. Boy, that drink was so sweet. After that I went to take photos of the buffet 
















and then filled my plate with a lot of the yummy sweets they had.


When I returned to the table Tom did the same thing, only he got some cheese and fruit first


and then got us something else to drink. Tom had some


orange juice and he picked up some strawberry lemonade for me. Again, it was pretty sweet, but after adding a little water it was really nice. And there we sat, enjoying our desserts and cheese and looking at the castle.


We both went back for seconds,



made plans for the next few days and time was ticking by. There was a young couple at the table to our right and slightly back and suddenly they started to move their chairs a bit forward. We watched them while they kept sliding them forward a bit, then sitting and having fun and then moving even a bit further forward. We were not sure if we should do the same and move our chairs forward as well, but since it was just the two teenagers we stayed put.