August 23, 2017




Happily ever after at a new resort - part 4

We watched them while they kept sliding them forward a bit, then sitting and having fun and then moving even a bit further forward. We were not sure if we should do the same and move our chairs forward as well, but since it was just the two teenagers we stayed put.


It was only a few minutes before the fireworks when another family, who had a front row table moved all their chairs forward. We looked at the newlyweds at the next table, and they looked at us, we all shook our heads a bit, but we stayed put. We had a perfect view over all of their heads, so who cares. The fireworks started



and they were just amazing, even though it was strange to hear a different music than Wishes.









We sat there looking on in amazement and Tom took a lot of photos and then this woman comes up to the front and STANDS in front of everyone.


I put my camera down, as she filled up a huge part of my photos, but Tom kept on taking photos, even though he had to move over a bit and thankfully that space was empty anyway, because the young couple had moved forward.















Once the fireworks were over we did not get up right away, as there were so many people still around and a cast member came by, "blowing out" all the LED candles and handing out bags of Ghirardelli chocolates to everyone who attended the fireworks party. We were surprised at the additional gift and chatted with the cast member for a minute or two before finally leaving.
That night was Extra Magic Hour and a lot of people were leaving, but there were still a lot of people in the park. We slowly crept towards Adventureland and when we got to the Jungle Cruise we decided to get in line. A cast member checked Magic Bands and some guests were turned away, but there were still quite some people in line ahead of us. But the line moved at a slow but steady pace and soon we were to board our boat. We both enjoy the Jungle Cruise and love it even more during Extra Magic Hour as most of the skippers go off their spiel a bit and crack a few new jokes. This night was no exception. We had a great time and there was lots of laughter on our boat.
Once we were off we went towards Big Thunder Mountain


which already had a bit of a line, but the wait time was supposed to be only 20 minutes so we got in line and to our surprise it moved pretty quickly and about 15 minutes later we asked for last row and were told that we would have to wait a train, but were welcome to take the row we wanted. And while we waited for our turn we agreed on the fact that we were both already pretty tired and that we would leave after the ride. Soon we got on and had a lot of funny sliding in the seat and raising our hands while the train hurried along the tracks. When we got off we started walking towards the exit and said that if the wait was not too long we would ride Pirates of the Caribbean, but it was temporarily closed, so our fate was sealed and we slowly walked towards the Resort Monorail and we were lucky as one just pulled in as we made the top of the ramp. 
It took quite some time until we finally were able to get off at the Grand Floridian Resort. It was quite a hike back to our building and we were happy to be back. Didnít take very long and we were in bed watching a bit of TV, but not for long as we were dead tired and soon fell asleep.