August 24, 2017





Pain and fun and laughter - part 2

Time got away from us and when we finally looked at our watches we only had 25 minutes until our reservation at Mama Melrose. We weighed our options and even though it is just a 15 minute drive, we knew that with parking and waiting for the tram and then security and ticket scanning there was no way we would make it in time. Our decision was to try and take a taxi over to Hollywood Studios. We very quickly grabbed our bags, headed back to the main building and out to the valet stand. Jeanette asked how long it would take for a taxi to arrive and the CM pointed across the road and let us know that one would be here in less than a minute would we decide on getting one.
Yes, please!
And with that the taxi was put into motion and in no time we climbed inside and off we went. We laughed a lot as Jeanette was telling the driver what his time limit was and he did his best to get us to the Studios in time.
Jeanette treated all of us to the ride and once we had gotten off we hot footed it over to security to beat the crowds of the newly arrived tram, headed through the turnstiles and off we went to Mama Melrose.
We were a little late, but still hoping they would still allow us in and not charge us for no shows. I checked us in with no problems at all and we had to wait for a few minutes. Soon a host came by and took us to a table, a four top in the middle of the restaurant. He asked if the table would be okay, but we had our heart set on a booth a little way over. He went to check and low and behold we were granted our wish. We had a package booked, a package for  The Music of Pixar live and were told that we were allowed to choose an appetizer, a main and that there would be a dessert sampler. He handed us the menus, told us the name of our server and with that we were left to entertain ourselves. 
And entertain ourselves we did.
We had a blast, giggling away and laughing some more. When the server came by for the first time we had not even given the menus in our hands one single look. So we ordered our drinks and started to study the menus. A few minutes later he came back with drinks and
rolls and
olive oil with dried herbs and we ordered our food and then waited for our starters to arrive. It did take some time, but we had so much fun we did not mind at all. But finally our starters arrived and we got to fill our bellies. Tom had ordered the
Mushroom Flatbread, roasted cremini and button mushrooms with a roasted vidalia onion spread topped with fontina and asiago cheese finished with balsamic reduction and fresh herbs, which did not only look delicious, it tasted delicious as well. I had not been sure I was up to a flatbread and a main, so I had chosen the
Fresh Mozzarella and Vine-ripened Tomatoes, balsamic drizzle, olive oil and sweet basil leaves in hopes it would be a lighter option. And it really hit the spot, the tomatoes were tasty and who does not like fresh Mozzarella cheese. Tomís main course was the
Charred Strip Steak with four-cheese macaroni with pancetta, aged balsamic-shallot butter, and Chianti Wine Reduction. With a perfectly cooked steak he was a happy camper. I had ordered the
Saltimbocca, Pork Tenderloin topped with Prosciutto, Sage, Fontina Cheese, Tuscan Mashed Potatoes, Broccolini, and Lemon Caper Sauce and it was really nice. We sat, chatted, chewed and laughed some more and after the plates were cleared we were told our desserts were to arrive shortly. But then we sat and waited and waited and waited until finally we were served our dessert sampler,
Lemon Cheesecake topped with fabulous Passion Fruit Pearls, a creamy Tiramisý, and a Valencia Blood Orange Cake. We were all pretty stuffed and not all of the desserts got eaten in the end. Once we had finished our feast we asked for the bill and it took forever for it to arrive, but finally everything was paid for, we picked up our Pixar concert tickets
and headed back out into the heat. We didnít really have a lot of time before the show, so we strolled through the park and once we got over to the theatre we got right in line and were led to our seats, which were in the middle section of the theatre right close to the stage.


We were very pleased with them and sat and talked and giggled some more until the orchestra came out and took their seats.
From then on we were all mesmerized by the music, the scenes of the movies and the characters who came out to entertain us all.







We are well aware that Disney does great shows, but this was really special.
I didnít know where to look, watching the musicians was so interesting, but then the scenes of the movies on the big screens caught your eye and then you were so surprised by another character taking the stage. And before we knew it an hour had gone by and the show was over.
We had planned to stay for the fireworks, but we were happy that everyone agreed that it had been a long day and no one minded leaving the park at that point. We went through the shops and then said our goodbyes at the tram that took Pamela and Jeanette back to the parking lot where their car was parked, while Tom and I were heading for the bus.
Thankfully we only had to say goodbye for a short time, as Pamela and Jeanette were to come back the next morning, where they were checking in at the Polynesian, as we had quite a few more things planned together. It did not take long and a bus arrived, we were pretty far forward in the line and scored seats. About 20 minutes later we got dropped off at the Grand Floridian and tracked back to our room, just to see the Water Pageant float by.
We hurried back to our room, grabbed a drink out of the fridge and went out onto the balcony to watch the Pageant. How fun was that. Later we went back into the room talked about the fun day we had had, even though quite some tears had been shed, tears because of burning eyes in the morning and tears of laughter and joy in the afternoon and evening. Soon we were in bed and fast asleep. There was more fun to come the next day.