August 25, 2017





Boo to you!! - part 1

Finally we were able to sleep in a little longer. Around 8.30 we got up, showered and then had a quick breakfast out of the fridge.
Around 10.30 we finally made it out of the room and bumped into our mousekeeping lady when doing so.



We walked over to the boat launch



and waited for a boat to come to take us to the Polynesian. It was nice to enjoy the lazy, sunny morning. The boat soon arrived



and we boarded and off we went to the Polynesian Resort. We knew we would be a bit early but maybe our friends would be too. When we arrived we walked around the grounds for a little while, then walked inside to explore the shops and finally found a seat with a good view of the main entrance.



Soon after we got a text that Pamela and Jeanette were on their way, but they were running a little late. So we continued on people watching for quite some more time until they finally came through the door. Again, a lot of hugs were in order and after they had checked in we were on our way over to the Ticket and Transportation Center to catch a Monorail to Epcot. It is a short beautiful walk through the grounds and soon we found ourselves waiting for the Monorail.


We found a compartment where we could all sit together and already shared a lot of laughs on the way to our destination. Once we had arrived it was time for bag check and scanning our magic bands to get into the park.


We had Fastpasses for Spaceship Earth and were well within our window, so we headed to the entrance to see that there was a line, even for Fastpass. But it moved fast




and soon we were seated and off we went to explore the past and our future.






The ride was as fun as always and after smiling over our future it was already time to get off again. We walked through the shops and then headed over towards the Figment ride. There was no real line and we got right onto the ride.


And after testing all the labs we decided to stop into the DVC lounge. They were not too full and we were allowed to head right up, just to see that they WERE pretty full. Thankfully a family was just getting up, so we scored a table, and while two of us were guarding the table, the other two were getting some drinks. All of our phones were quickly connected to be recharged and while we sat and laughed and chatted, a DVC cast member came by to hand out some snacks.


And once we had cooled down and rested we headed to our next Fastpass ride, and we were already a bit on the late side. So we hotfooted it over to Mission Space


where we all signed up for the green team and went on a journey around the world. It was our first time trying the green side and while it was a nice ride and interesting as it is now different to the orange side, we both prefer to be on the orange team.



And after we got off, we took a leisurely stroll over to The Land, as we had one more FastPass ride, Soarin. While we were still in line, Pamela checked if she had already been assigned a room and there was nothing. Funnily enough, when we checked our MDE, which was connected to hers, we could see her room number. Go figure! But first we had a ride to ride and luckily we were seated on the middle glider, so that none of the sights were leaning to one side or another. Once we got off, we knew it was time to leave if we wanted to grab a bite to eat before our evening adventures.