August 26, 2017





Treasure hunts and being rained out - part 1

Day 5 of our vacation had broken, but we were not up early.

After having a fun night out at the Magic Kingdom we had decided to just sleep in and made a late breakfast ADR. So around 9.30 we took the boat over to the Polynesian for breakfast at Kona Café.
Pamela had already signed us in and once we had arrived it only took a few minutes and we were led to our table.
Menus in hand we sat there and watched our server, who rushed from table to table. We finally ordered our drinks and food and soon enough we were served our delicious breakfast.
Tom had ordered the


Loco-Moco, a traditional Island Brunch staple which features a Tower of Rice, a Grilled Hamburger Patty, House- made Chorizo Gravy, Two Fried Eggs, and topped with a Tomato Salsa, which was a huge serving, but just what he needed and he enjoyed it very much. I had ordered an old favourite,


the Seven Seas Samoan, Poached Eggs with Citrus Hollandaise Sauce on Pulled Pork and Turkey Hash with Mustard Greens and Tomatoes tossed in a Citrus Vinaigrette, served with a side of breakfast potatoes. It was as yummy as I had remembered it and we all enjoyed our breakfasts. Once we had finished and left the restaurant, we were talking about what to do next and all decided why not going treasure hunting with Tom. He likes to geo-cache and he had a few on property caches he wanted to find, so we all went along. We went down to the boat launch and rode the boat over to Wilderness Lodge. 


This cache involved a photo of the geyser and it was quickly in the bag


and we walked around the grounds for a short while before heading back to the boat launch and this time we went over to Fort Wilderness.
Lots of fun was had while riding over there, even though the weather was not always very nice and there were grey clouds looming. At Fort Wilderness we all looked for the cache and finally found it, and while there we got to chat with one of the cast members who worked at Trail’s End


and therefore stayed way longer than we had actually thought about.


It was already half past one when we finally returned to our hotels to quickly freshen up and then head out to our park of choice for the afternoon, the Animal Kingdom. We drove over, parked our car and at 3pm were on our way into the park.


We had already missed the first one of our Fastpasses, but we were sure there would be other times we would be able to ride Expedition Everest. Once we were inside the park


we had to hurry, as we were way inside our second Fastpass window. So we walked over to Africa




and scanned our Magic Bands at Kilimanjaro Safaris. There was quite the line for standby and even the Fastpass Line got slow before the last check point, but soon enough we were divided into lines and waiting for our Safari to take off. It was a nice afternoon, even though it was overcast and there were a lot of animals along the Safari route.















We really like that ride and it never gets old, as there is always so much to look at. Once we got off we had one more ride planned before we would head to Tiffins for dinner with the Rivers of Light package.