August 25, 2017





Boo to you!! - part 4

Once the fireworks were over we went with the flow, picked up some more candy on the way to Tomorrowland and then joined the longer line for the People Mover.




But soon we were seated and on our way around Tomorrowland.
After our fun ride we strolled to the Big Tent to pick up some merchandise and then it was time to find a spot for the parade. We had thought that there would be less people for the second parade, but we were so wrong.
The parade route was full of people and in some places it was even several rows of people deep. We finally gave up looking around and decided to watch it from afar. There was a streetlight close to the Christmas shop and a fence to lean against, where we all stood and chatted, laughed and waited for the parade to start.
This was when we were approached by a Cast Member with a blue name tag, who asked if we enjoyed the party so far and if we were there to watch the parade. And when he heard that this was what we were in our spot for he asked how we would like to sit in the VIP seating area.


It left us a bit speechless,
but we all followed the Cast Member to the seating area, which was right next to the little bridge.


There was one free bench in the front row and another one in the second row. We quickly saw that we would not all fit onto one bench so we let Pamela and Jeanette take the front row one, while we sat in the second row. It didnít take long and the parade came along and Tom and I didnít know where we should pay more attention, the parade itself or Jeanette, who interacted with about every character that came by.






The best thing was, that our side had the full attention of the characters, as there were no other guests on the other side, just a few Cast Members. We laughed so hard and really enjoyed the experience. Once the parade was over we thanked the Cast Member who had sprinkled us with so much pixie dust again, before we went to exchange Pamelaís trick or treat tokens. We wandered around for a bit more and considered leaving a little early, but there was one more thing we all wanted to see, the show on the castle stage, Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular. 


We were lucky as we found a good spot and soon it began. Pamela had told me to watch the movie, so I would have an idea what it was about and Tom and I really enjoyed it.


By the time it was over it was half past midnight and the party had officially ended. We were swept out of the park with the masses and since there was a boat already sitting there, we got on board and were soon at our destination of the Grand Floridian. Pamela and Jeanette went on to the Polynesian, but we were to see them again the next day. Tom and I were happy that our room was just a few steps from the boat launch and we soon were back in our room


and it only took a few more minutes until we were fast asleep in our beds.