August 25, 2017





Boo to you!! - part 3

We walked towards Adventureland, stopping at every Trick or Treat station there was.


Only then did we find out that we had the wrong kind of bags, all of us and not only Pamela had been given Allergy bags. Once we found out, Pamela started to collect tokens, while the rest of us still collected our sweet treats. We made it over to the Jungle Cruise, picked up more candy along the way and then got on board. The skipper entertained us all VERY well and when we got off we checked out the Sunshine Tree Tavern for the special desserts, but they didnít have the one I wanted to try. There was just a very short line for the flying carpets and since we have never been on them before our friends convinced us to try them and we did and boy, did we have fun. 




Next stop Tiki Room, not to visit the birds, but to pick up more chocolate loot.


From there we walked towards Pirates and met some of them,




before getting on the ride


and then we were on our way to more adventures.




We rode Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain,


well, because we could, not too much of a line on both since the parade was just coming through. Our next stop was the Haunted Mansion,




which had a bit of a line since the parade was already over by then. Once we had left our doom buggies we headed towards the castle to find a nice spot on Main Street to watch the fireworks from.














We love those fireworks and the music is so fun, it reminds us of the Halloween music in Disneyland Paris and always brings back some great memories. Once the fireworks were over we went with the flow, picked up some more candy on the way to Tomorrowland and then joined the longer line for the People Mover.