August 27, 2017





Savor, Sip and Sparkle - part 1

We were up earlier that day and it looked like it was going to be another nice day, but also a sad one, as we were to say goodbye to Pamela and Jeanette, whose stay at the Polynesian Resort was coming to an end. So after getting up we got ready and by 9am we were at the Monorail to ride it over to the Contemporary Resort for breakfast.



We were a little late when we arrived and our friends were already there and so we quickly signed in and were taken to a table within minutes. Our server came by to take orders for drinks and to explain the regular menu versus the buffet and handed Pamela a list of items that were safe for her from the buffet. We all opted for the buffet and while the server went to get our drinks we all hit the buffet. Tom and I really like the Wave buffet, even though we usually stay away from buffets. There are lots of yummy things and most even gets to the table hot. But we started with some cold items. Tom got the 


yogurt and homemade granola, some fruit and two small muffins, while I went with the same


yogurt and granola, but opted for less fruit and a Danish pastry. We all headed back to our seats where Jeanette’s little friend was already waiting.


Drinks were already served and we indulged in our food.


Soon it was time for round two. We all went and filled our plates again. Tom had some


scrambled eggs, hash, bacon, breakfast wraps, a deviled egg, an egg Benedict and a helping of breakfast potato casserole. I had picked my favourites, a


Mickey waffle, an egg Benedict, a deviled egg, bacon, scrambled eggs, a sausage link and some cheesy grits. We all sat at the table raving about our food, when the server came by again and Jeanette mentioned that the grits looked good, but they had bacon in it, so the server went to get her some without any bacon. He returned with a huge bowl full of it


and we had so much fun with the server.


Lots and lots of laughs were shared at that breakfast.
But everything comes to an end and so did our breakfast extravaganza. It was now time to head over to the Magic Kingdom for some more fun, before Pamela and Jeanette had to leave again. It is a nice short stroll over to the park and soon we had been through bag check and scanned our Magic Bands and were on our way into more fun adventures.




We had some Fastpasses to use, so off we went to use the first one on the Jungle Cruise.


The regular line wasn’t too bad, but it was still nice to just hop into the Fastpass one and be seated quickly. Pamela and Jeanette were seated in the middle,


while Tom and I took the last two seats on the outside. And off we went. Our skipper had us in stitches from the moment we left and it is fun that even though those jokes seldom change it always makes you laugh.



Far too soon our ride came to an end and we had to get off. We strolled over towards Big Thunder Mountain and again used our Fastpass to pass by most of the line. Didn’t take long and we were shown to our rows on the runaway mine train. We asked for the back of the train and it was no problem and soon we got into our seats and off we went. We all love this ride and had so much fun.


Once we were off the ride we had a little time to kill, so we stopped for some fun photopass photos.




After that we slowly moved over to Liberty Square, strolling through the shops and popping into the Christmas Store as well. Then it was time for our next Fastpass ride, the Haunted Mansion.


We got in line and soon found ourselves in the stretching room and then in a pretty full room slowly creeping towards the Doom Buggies. But finally we were all seated and off we went again. All too soon it was time to get off again and since it was nearly time for Jeanette and Pamela to leave, so we got on one last ride before we were all to leave the park. We made our way over to Tomorrowland and got onto the Peoplemover. As it has very often happened to us, the ride stopped on route through Space Mountain



and we sat there for a while trying not to fall asleep. But after a few minutes we moved again and soon it was time to get off the ride. We made our way towards the exit of the park and soon it was time to say goodbye to Pamela and Jeanette for a while. Thankfully we were to see them again when we returned from our cruise, but it was hard saying goodbye as we had had so much fun together. Once they were gone we made our way back to the Grand Floridian.