August 27, 2017




Savor, Sip and Sparkle - part 2

Once they were gone we made our way back to the Grand Floridian.



There was a lot of packing to still be done and we needed some more one dollar bills, so we went to the shop and bought a few things to get some small change. Once we paid and talked to the cast member, he just laughed and asked how many ones we needed. We exchanged another 20 dollars and with what we had at the room we felt that we had enough small bills for the cruise.

After doing some packing we had a bit of a break and Tom had some chips and salsa and an adult beverage, while I had some cupcakes and Diet Coke.


With most of our packing done, it was soon time to get ready to go to our evening event, Savor, Sip and Sparkle.

We quickly took showers, changed into our California Grill clothes and by 7.15pm we were on our way to the Monorail to ride over to the Contemporary Resort. We were glad we were pretty early as the Monorail had broken down again and we had to wait. We made it over to the Contemporary about 20 minutes early for our reservation. So we went straight to the check in desk and signed in and were taken up to the restaurant right away. There we joined a couple people who were waiting for the event to start as well. 
Didnít take long and we were taken to the two rooms that were set aside for this event. When we walked in we were handed a glass of bubbly


in a lightup glass and then were told to pick any table we wanted. We went with the smaller room, there was a nice table for two right at a window


and we put our glasses on the table and tried out the light up stars that were on the tables as well. We were in the room where the food was displayed and the bar was in the other room. Tom went to get us some drinks, we both had white wine


and when he came back to guard the table I went to take some photos of the food. Unfortunately I was too excited to actually look at the setting of my camera and most of the photos came out blurry, but at least the food was good.








There were several different flatbreads, an Heirloom Tomato one and the other one was one with meat and veggies, which I think were on the California Grill menu at that time, there were some steamed buns with roast beef and pickled cucumber, chicken sate in Thai Peanut Sauce, small lobster rolls and some handmade Sushi. There were small plates with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce to go with as well. We both filled a plate and sat down to enjoy our small plates.



I loved the flatbread, which was really tasty and went back for seconds and thirds from most of the items offered.




Tom had some of their sushi too and was very pleased with it.


While we were munching away, a server came by asking, if we wanted some more drinks and I got another glass of white wine, while Tom went with a Whisky Sour. About 5 minutes before the fireworks started our Champagne glasses were refilled and we all headed outside to enjoy the fireworks.