August 27, 2017




Savor, Sip and Sparkle - part 3

About 5 minutes before the fireworks started our Champagne glasses were refilled and we all headed outside to enjoy the fireworks.
The deck that is closest to Bay Lake was reserved for this event and it was pretty easy to find a good space to watch the fireworks. Tom took a gazillion photos of it, while I just enjoyed the fireworks and music.









After the fireworks we all returned to our respective tables and when we got to ours they had removed all the savoury food and stocked up on desserts.






There were fruit tarts, chocolate mousse domes, cheesecakes, Crème Brule tarts and chocolate cakes. When we had our desserts on the table the server was at hand again to ask for more drinks and Tom had another Whisky Sour,


while I opted for some


Earl Grey tea. Both were quickly delivered and we sat there for quite some time while enjoying our desserts and drinks.



People started to leave and we were within the last ones to leave and head to the elevator down to catch the Monorail back to the Grand Floridian. Since the main fireworks rush had settled down while we had still been in the restaurant, we had no trouble catching the next Monorail over to our resort. Once we got off, we still had to do the long walk back to our room, but it was still nice to see the resort all lit up at night. 


We finally made it back to our room, changed into some more comfortable clothes and finished off packing before we called it a night.