August 26, 2017




I wonder if they sell cold medicine Ö  - part 2
It was quite a bit of food, but we were hungry and not much was left in the end.
And right when we had finished our lunch and put aside the glasses for the sparkling wine, there was another knock on the door and our Sparkling Wine arrived. We tipped the server and he offered to take the empty plates back, so we double tipped him. Lunch done we were both tired and went and sat on the balcony with a drink.




After that it was time to take photos of all the Fish Extender gifts we had already received




and to get our gifts into bags and put the labels on. We wanted
to go and hand out our gifts right away but Tom was missing his lanyard.
We both looked and we could not find it anywhere.
Then it dawned on us.
He had handed it to the person who had given him the paper slip for the rum when we got back on board. He didnít remember taking it back. Well, we would have to sort that out as well. So what we did was to head right down to Guest Services and told them that we had lost one of our cards plus lanyard. They were super nice about it and told us that that happened a lot and in no time he had a new keycard and a new lanyard. 
By now lots of guests were walking around the ship and we decided to better not hand out our gifts right away, but wait until the first dinner seating was on. We relaxed for a bit until we could feel the Dream move again. And again, we enjoyed our balcony while the ship  turned around and finally sailed out of Nassau port and off into the evening.







By then the show had started, which was a movie about Newsies and dinner was served to the early birds. But we headed out to deliver our gifts. It took us about an hour with a well-planned route to deliver to all the rooms and a little after 7pm we were back in our room. But by then I felt that I was now really coming down with a cold.
Nothing worse than being sick on vacation and I had already started to sneeze and cough, so we quickly made a bee-line to the shops, looking for some cough syrup or cold medicine. They did sell some and it was our first purchase on the cruise.
Then we finally headed back to our room. We just had a little time to rest before we had to get changed again and had to go down to the Royal Palace for dinner.
Today we were a little later and so had no queue to wait in and were led right to our table. Our assistant server welcomed us and before we knew it, we had our Diet Cokes on the table. Menu in hand we started reading, while the server was putting the bread service on the table,


Warm Brioche Bread and an


Olive Spread. A few minutes later our server greeted us and took our order. And it did not take long at all and our appetizers were served. For once we had ordered the same thing, the



Breaded and Deep Fried Brie with an Orange and Cranberry Chutney. I have had that before several times and it is hit and miss, but this time the cheese was just perfectly gooey and just perfect with the crisp breading. We had also ordered the same soup, the


Potage Parmentier, Leek and Potato Soup, another favourite of ours. We did not agree on a main course though. Tom was served the


Crispy Roasted Duck Breast, served with Cabbage, Bacon and Shallots, Honey Parsnip Puree and a Duck Red Wine Jus. My heart was set on red meat today, I had the 


Chateaubriand Roasted Filet Steak with Crushed New Potatoes with Shallots, Buttered Green Beans, Red Wine Jus and Bernaise Sauce on the side.  We both very much enjoyed our entrees. Both meats were perfectly cooked and went very well with its sides. But we had to leave room for dessert. There was no need for a menu, as we both just wanted the


Grand Mariner Souffle served with Grand Marnier Creme Anglaise, which is absolutely divine. Again stuffed to the gills we said our goodbyes to our servers and slowly made our way back to our stateroom.



We were way too tired to do anything else, we just went back to our room, where I sampled the cold medicine I had gotten earlier before I went to bed.