August 30, 2017





Cast away   - part 1

I didnít have a really good night as my head cold was keeping a tight grip on me and I guess my cough kept Tom up as well.
Nevertheless we were up by 7am and while one of us took a shower the other waited for our breakfast to be delivered. We were both showered and dressed when our room service breakfast arrived.


We usually have it out on the balcony, but today we just stayed inside as I didnít want to get any more sick than I already was. We put everything on the little table and Tom had his


coffee while I brewed myself a lot of tea, which made me feel a lot better. Tom had ordered some bagels of which I forgot to take a photo and I had asked for some


cornflakes and


croissants. We had also ordered two


fruit-bowls and were now exchanging fruit, as I do not eat anything melon and Tom canít eat pineapple, which gives him heartburn. So we swapped fruit, had a leisurely breakfast and enjoyed the morning.
Around 9am we had docked at Castaway Cay and we were off the ship within a few minutes. We had gotten another Fish Extender gift that morning, a lovely big Mickey bag,


which was perfect for the day at Castaway Cay as everything we needed fit in there perfectly. We had not even forgotten to put on our Cabana wristbands and so when we got off the ship, we were not even offered a towel.
We slowly made our way to the tram


and when we got closer we saw that they were ready to leave and they just left as we walked up. What to do, walk or wait. Well, with me not feeling 100% well, we decided to wait it out and take the next tram. It took quite some time for one to come, and we were lucky to get on it, as people were pushing and shoving to get on.
When we got to the end of the line we took some time to peek into the shop, but there was nothing that really interested us, so we went back outside and a tram to Serenity Bay was just arriving, so we hopped on and off we went.


The Cabana hosts must have eyes like hawks, because we were not quite off the tram when he walked towards us to greet us and introduce himself. We got onto the golf cart and off we went to our Cabana. We were lucky to score one in the first place and today we were really happy as I was not sure if I would have made it through the day without it.
Our host explained everything to us, told us to page him if we needed him and then he was gone.
We enjoyed the view, took some photos of the Cabana







and then applied some sunscreen as we wanted to head into the ocean right away. A few minutes later we were on our way into the nice warm waters. It was way deeper than the last time we had been there and it was just fun to drift around a bit.




After some time we swam through the deeper part and soon were able to sit on the little bank. I think we were out there for about 40 minutes, before we returned to our Cabana.


We had now gotten neighbours as well and once we were back we used the towels which we had hung into the sun to dry ourselves off after taking a quick shower. I sat out in the sun wrapped in my towel for a while, but I had developed a headache and had to take a headache pill. I had to lie down on the sofa in the back of the Cabana for a while for it to kick in, but we did not want to cut our beach day short. 
We snacked on the fruit in the fridge, had some water and soda out of the fridge and Tom even had brought some cans of beer


which we had taken onto the ship in the beginning of the cruise. Around midday we talked about going up to the buffet, but I didnít have a huge appetite and Tom wasnít too keen on it either, so we just stayed and had some chips before we wanted to brave the ocean again. My headache had gone, but I was still coughing and I had used a lot of meds on my eyes.
But before we wanted to drift around in the warm waters of Castaway Cay there was one more thing Tom wanted to do, searching for the Geocache on the island.
We knew it wasnít too far off, so we decided against picking up bikes that were included in the cabana rental and just walked along the dirt road. We walked for about 5 minutes until we found the spot where the cache was hidden. I am not very good at finding them, but it did not take Tom very long and he had the box in his hand, signed the logbook and we were on our way back.
Once we were back in our cabana we needed another drink and then it was time for the ocean. Before we headed into the ocean we applied a lot more sunscreen, but Tom always is sooo afraid to get too much on and was rather stingy with it. Guess you know whatís coming. Again we played in the ocean for quite some time,






before returning to our Cabana.





We had some more fruit and chips and Tom called our Cabana host to get us some drinks.