August 30, 2017





Cast away   - part 2

We had some more fruit and chips and Tom called our Cabana host to get us some drinks.
I had a


PinaColava, while Tom had gotten a


Konk Kooler for himself. It was wonderful to just sit there, sip a nice drink and enjoy the warm sun.
It even let me forget my cough for a minute or two.

We knew that there wasn’t much time left, so we went for one more swim in the ocean before we had to pack up. We went back to our Cabana when they started to close the umbrellas and packed up our things, then called our Cabana host to hand him his tip. He picked us up with his golf cart and told us that if we didn’t mind, he would take us right back to the ship. 

No, we would love it!

And he did take us back while I was quietly telling Tom to “wave to the poor people, who had to take the tram”.
It is quite the drive back to the ship and we thanked our host profusely for his service and I think his tip showed it as well. Back on the ship Tom let me have a shower first and when I was done I needed to lie down for a while as I was completely done.
Tom took a shower too and when he returned he complained about his shoulder hurting and when I looked a bit closer I did see that he had been really sunburned.
Since we had skipped lunch we ordered room service again, but decided not to order too much as we had a dinner booked at Palo. About 20 minutes after we had ordered our food was delivered.


There was a


Mickey bar,


two chocolate chip cookies and


Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese and Honey Mustard Dip.
Tom got his wings, while I had the Mickey Bar.
We shared one of the cookies and then relaxed for a little while and watched the ship pull out of Castaway Cay.



Today was Pirate Night and since we do not like that menu we were dining at Palo.
As always I had planned on having an early dinner, so we might even be able to take advantage of the pirate buffet lateron.
So at 6pm we were on our way up to Palo.
We were met by the Maître‘d and introduced to our server and off we went to our table. One of the advantages of having an early Palo ADR usually is that you get a nice table by the window and today was no exception. We were taken to a table by the window with a great view outside,


handed some menus and then left to read and decide. I felt better at that time, so I ordered a glass of the


Moet Ice, while Tom had decided on a glass of


white wine after we had decided on our food. Didn’t take long and our server came by with the antipasti cart and filled a plate with yummy food.


There was Prosciutto and Bressa Ola, marinated olives, peppers and artichokes and a good number of chunks of Parmesan Cheese. When we were offered some Balsamic Vinegar we happily agreed to it and then we started to enjoy our antipasti together with the wonderful


bread basket that had been put on our table. It took a few minutes and then our starters were served. We had decided to share our appetizers and both, the



Soft Potato Gnocchi, tossed in Piennolo Tomato Sauce, garnished with Kale and caramelized Grape Tomatoes and the


Fritto di Calamari e Gamberi, deep-fried Shrimp and Calamari with


Lemon-Garlic Mayonnaise and Marinara dippings, were really good. Only downside was that we had eaten our room service “snacks” shortly before and after tucking into the antipasti and the starters we already started to feel full.
Thankfully the server left us a little time to digest and enjoy the


palate cleanser lime sorbet, before the main course was served. Tom had ordered the



Sea Scallops, Celery Root Purée, baby Vegetables and crispy Leeks served with a Prosecco and Black Tuffle Sauce, which were as good as they looked. I had thought that ordering pasta would get me a smaller plate, but I was mistaken. Even if the plate didn’t look piled high, my choice the


Caramelle di vitello, Pasta stuffed with Milk braised Veal, Pancetta and Porcini Mushrooms, was quite a lot. It was super delicious though, but very filling, so I only managed to eat two thirds of it. Thankfully it took a while until our desserts were ready, which was as always, the



Chocolate Soufflé with Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Sauce. It was as good as we remembered it, but by the time we were done, my headache had returned and I felt cold again. So we asked for the bill, which was on Mickey anyway, we added a nice tip and the server brought out their farewell drink,


which is their lime sorbet and some kind of alcohol. I usually like that drink quite a bit, but this one had a funny taste to it, so Tom had his, but mine was pretty much untouched. We headed back to our room



and since I didn’t feel too well I decided to take a nap while Tom watched a little TV.

Turned out that my little nap took a little longer than expected and I woke up from the sound of the fireworks.
I looked over at Tom, who had gone to bed as well and was fast asleep. So far for trying to see the fireworks and grab a few items off the pirate buffet. But the early night was not bad either.