August 30, 2017





How to spend time during a day at sea ÖÖ   - part 1

It was our last full day on board and we were looking forward to Palo Brunch, so we slept in a bit.
When I woke up I still didnít feel well, but we didnít want to skip our reservation.
I had taken cold meds, but my cough was getting worse. Nevertheless we got ready and marched up to Palo at 10am.
Didnít take long for us to be seated


and after exchanging napkins our server took us for a tour of the buffet. We have done it several times, but it is always nice to be reminded of old favourites. I took my camera and took a lot of photos










before we were both handed a plate and told to fill it with whatever we fancied. We both started off with something sweet. The Sticky Buns were fresh and smelled wonderfully, so we both started out with some fruit and a Sticky Bun.



Tom had gotten more pastries to try and we headed back to our seat. Our server had brought us some water and Mimosas and I had asked for some tea as well and we sat down and enjoyed our first course. Sweet tooth satisfied we went back and got a plate full of their savory items.



While we were still munching away our server visited us and asked about which items we wanted to order from the hot menu. We both told him what we wanted and he went and put the order in. After we had finished our cold items it did not take long and we were served our hot items. Tom had ordered the


 Roasted Red Snapper Filet with Rosemary Roasted Fennel, Cerignola Olives, Sundried Tomatoes and a Saffron Potato, which he enjoyed a lot. I had my heart set on the


Rollatini Melanzane, Lightly Breaded Baked Eggplant, filled with Prosciutto, Sweet Ricotta and drizzled with Aged Balsamico de Modena, which was really nice and just the right size for a hot item.
There was still dessert to conquer, so after finishing our hot items we headed back to the buffet for some yummy sweets.



But, like always, we were too full to finish them all, but we gave it a good try.




The server brought the bill and we signed and tipped and off we went to our stateroom. We had a little rest but not too long as we had signed up for a Martini tasting.